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Originally Posted by ChrisC View Post
Dave does not need my defence, but this whole thing smacks a little of "I am a Nigerian prince and have come into many dollars". Our Tucsonian friend can't say to anyone here ̲n̲o̲t̲ to do anything, he's just urging caution.

Good luck in your travels...
Hah, Chris - I fear you are a dangerously wise man - your words have more truth than you probably imagined - it would appear that maybe I am the one who should look in the mirror. I fear you may have put me in my place. Would be very keen to buy you a beer when/if I get to Arizona.

Apologies to Dave for coming on the attack but I have now been stuck in Guatemala for three weeks, the last 5 days being spent sat in my hostel, eating the same meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner (4 bread rolls, a packet of crisps and two bananas). I hope you can understand that when I read your comment it felt like I was being kicked when I was down - i may have over reacted slightly - as I read my words back I sound like a bit of a tit.
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