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Originally Posted by Lost Rider View Post
Not sure why it doesn't work, I'm at the mercy of the ADV search tool.
Yes..bummer indeed, I liked the way it looked, sort of a main menu type deal, you could could go to that screen and see what was new in all the different threads, also great for IPhones and such as a bookmark. Even following your new method that you posted, I still get about 4 pages of everything else mixed in.

As I mentioned before, my forum skills are pretty slack,but something like the menu screen you had would be great. Like Krono said, a sub-forum or something.

It's hard to blame Noobs and new buyers for coming here and wanting to know more about the CRFL, lots of fantastic everything here, and it's the hottest thread that I've found about the CRFL...but,it will be good to get everything more orginized and get all the great info. and great members posting in the appropriate threads, and accomplish this by the easiest means possible for everyone.....( I think that made sense...)

Originally Posted by SAPB View Post
Yes! An amphibious CRFL.
"What??"......Do they make these in Thailand yet???......
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