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Originally Posted by L.B.S. View Post
14.6 litre (3.85 gal) tank size?

... Isn't that kinda small?
Not to me. I've owned 9 motorcycles and AFAIK none of them had a bigger tank than about 3.9 gallons.

I know big touring bikes and big dual-sports often have huge tanks in the 6-7 gallon range but just under 4 seems pretty reasonable for a street/road bike. Even at 40mpg 3.5 gallons will get you to 140 miles or two full hours of riding at 70mph (and that's if you're "slabbing" it - if you're in the twisties you're likely to be averaging less than 70.) Most bikes in this class are capable of at least 45mpg and possibly more (my 885 Thunderbird was good for about 49 most of the time) so while the range may not be in the same class as a Gold Wing or and ST1100 it should be perfectly adequate for most "regular" riders.

And I don't know about you but I'm usually ready for a bit of a break after 140 miles or so. And even riding in our least populated state (Wyoming) I've never had a problem finding a gas station when I needed one (though it does take a bit more forethought than riding in more populated areas does - you learn very quickly not to pass up a gas station once you're over about 100 miles.)
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