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Originally Posted by JTS1 View Post
Thx for the input.
I had a performance problem this summer in Colorado when I got about 3/4 way up a trail that took me to 11300ft. Almost couldn't get it started again. This of course is to be expected without a jet change from sea level but wondering if the flex adjusters would even have helped. Is that elevation going to be a high speed / low speed jet change or do the flex adjusters actually change the opening in a jet orifice? Lots of questions I know but if I could see what the end of the flex's look like that might answer my question. I guess I can answer all these questions by diving into my carbs but I haven't taken the bike apart much since I have only owned it for one summer.
The FlexJets are just replacements for the IMS screws, so they adjust the gas/air mix at idle. I say "idle," but it adjusts the mix at lower RPMs. So would that help you at high altitudes getting the bike started? I would guess yes. When I go from 850 ft elevation to Golden, CO, I turn down my IMSs one quarter of a turn, and I'm good to go. That's very easy to do with the FlexJets but hours of work otherwise.

With fairly "normal" main jets in the bike, you will not need a jet change at any altitude change. See my thread on jetting of my bike: In particular, look at post #19.
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