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Originally Posted by r2ro View Post
Ahaha. The stop light dance.

I'm 5'8" without shoes and have a 29 or 30" inseam. Worst of all is that I lack flexibility in my legs so I can't even throw my leg over the super tall bike (or even my much shorter Daytona) lol. I have to have it on the kickstand and use the inside peg as a step stool.

Which reminds me that I need to extend my kickstand a bit with these taller tires. It leans over more making it slightly more difficult to use the inside peg to step up. It's a face plant waiting to happen.

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Just use the cowboy mounting style. You'll look cool. Well as cool as possible anyway. Booth feet on the ground, left foot on the left peg, step up and swing right leg over that old horse then sit down. Dismount in reverse after kick stand is down. This is also a test of the stability of the soil under the kick stand.

Elvis got on his dual sport that way ( Honda Trail 65 it looks like ) . Look what that got him:

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