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Well there goes the last frontier in Canada to explore.....glad we did it two years ago. Glad to hear it's getting paved, now I have no reason to go back unless it's to screw the ferry system out of my extortionate fee and shitty service to get across to NFLD!!! I would ride the paved Trans-Lab before buying a ticket across the ferry if I could! Yes I have a huge chip on my shoulders about the ferry system....sorry....
I also have zero use for the province of Quebec, government that is, the majority of the people are good hard working folks at least from what I have seen in the past few years. Yes I usually only see the rural folks not the city sepratists......there's another issue altogether! man I have

It is a real shame there is soon not going to be many real adventure destinations for us who like solitude and peace and quiet accompanied by the sound of gravel under our tires.

Think about it.......where else other than the Dempster is there to ride to that you can get this feeling???? OK, one other that comes to mind is the Trans-Targia, sorry for the spelling. Any more???
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