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Originally Posted by trainman View Post
Great post Casey, you sound like me and my adventures back in the day, say 50 years ago. Well I've just about come full turn when it comes to dual sport bikes and I'm now riding a CFR250L like you. It's has been one enjoyable bike for sure, after riding the 650 class of dual sports for years, this little 250 is super nice for it's size. I ride with other guys my age and we are all going to the 250 size bike, as weight is not that much fun anymore, in fact picking up a 400lb motorcycle has never been that much fun. Don't become intimated by bigger bike and think you need one down the line and if you do keep this one and add to the collection, you won't ever regret having it. Your post was great reading, it brings a lot of us back in time with those great memories. Handguards are very important for both safety and protection of your hand levers, I have been using these for years on several bikes I have owned and they are really nice and will fit the CRF250L perfect. At $54.99 they are both nice and quality built Nice people to deal with at Rocky Mountain and fast service. You will also find that a rear rack will help when lifting your bike as there is never a good place to hold on to in the rear when uprighting your bike. Look at videos on YouTube on how to upright a bike, you probably didn't do it the way they will show you how, you can pickup a Goldwing. Good Luck.

I'm glad you liked it, and thank you for the recommendation. I've spent a lot of time trying to find guards that are proven to fit this bike, and especially ones that someone can comment on their effectiveness. They're cheaper than most to boot. My only hesitation now is the installation: drilling into the sides of the handlebars? I can definitely see myself screwing up the throttle.

Rob, I'm in full agreement there. I generally like it quiet, and I hate it when people push me to do something.
I really like the bike's appearance as well, although I think the same can be said about the KLX. The differences between the two were minor from an outside perspective, and the only factors that swayed me to the Honda were price and injection (I have a personal engineering distaste for the way a carburetor works ).
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