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If you make it into BC don't miss out on the Cassier Highway, goes dirrectly north from #16 and ends at the top of BC and from there you are a day's ride from Dawson City.....research the D2D, June 20-21 timespan so to speak where 300plus riders from all over the world merged for a weeks of shooting the breeze and exploring the local scenery. Think the Dempster to the top of Canada....the mnost scenic of the top bucket list destinations in the far north.

Just a thought for you to concider...seeing as you have so much time to ride with. Well worth the ride as they say! Then search out Telegaph Creek, Salmon Glacier, Hyder/Steward bear salmon fishing, late July.

There is so much to see and o in the far north and well worth the time to get there. Once the far north gets under your skin, you can't ignor it......I've been twice now and I live an hour north of you see, it's not a hop skip and jump for me either.
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