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two examples - on my brand new 2011 ninja 650 (before I crashed it and got the 2012)

example 1 - pulling up to the garage to park it after almost being taken out by a careless cager and still pissed off jumped off it without putting the kickstand down..and got even more pissed off. Bent the clutch lever into an interesting hook and a couple scuffs on the left side

example 2 - making it through the winter on the bike as a new rider without having any further issues and in for the first service at the dealer. Finally finished and I pull out of their parking lot looking left to try and see past the garbage bin and make sure no cars were coming and missed that there was a 3 inch drop to the street thanks to the alley being freshly repaved. Front wheel caught the lip and yanked right, throwing the bike down to the right and creating even bigger scuffs on that side, and snapping the front brake lever in half (the broken lever bounced about 25 feet in the air before coming back down) then having to wheel it back into the dealer to get a new front brake lever, and to bend the rear brake lever back into place as it was jammed into the plastics

thankfully? I crashed the bike in June and it was a complete mess, so I've upgraded to the 2012 Ninja 650 which (knock on wood) is still in pristine condition
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