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Originally Posted by tehdutchie View Post
Why not make life easier, get some 450rr engines and sx-f frames. Standard 24 liter tank and you are sorted..

At the moment I am wondering if the project is about entering to finish the race, a marketing exercise, an engineering expedition or just a way to drum up funding ( probably a mix of all?) :-)

All of the above is NOT meant in a negative way :-) so please dont read it as such.
I guess the cost of the 450rr engines is quite high no? Have no idea how much and then you have to add spares etc. The sum quickly goes sky high... And as you suggested ''engines'' (plural ) so the cost for a privateer is quite high.
Then, for the 690 engine, because all the internals are kept the same, the head and the gearbox are stock. Already used parts are available so you can have everything cheaper.

Other than that I feel exactly the same as I think Jenny does for this event. This should be an endurance race for both rider and machine. If they want 'development' they better change the rules and not allow engine changes. Don't get me wrong, but for me, this race was, and still is the ultimate test for rider and machines. I think the downgrade idea is very nice as you get a 450 which is overdesigned (because all its parts were for a bigger engine). Neat

I think that's it but then again Jenny will come up with a better answer
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