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Originally Posted by Fahrenheit85 View Post
. Probably gonna lay it down a few times before I get the hang of it. After I get decent I plan to look into a nice standard/naked bike

Really? I was looking at a KLR

Depending you your weight, (and if Dave's 225 is street legal) around Philly and the back roads that 225 will be fun as hell.
Off road it will be so much easier to learn on then a something as heavy as a KLR or XR .
I have ridden with people that first went off road with heavy bikes, dropped them many times and never went off road again. Off road is much different then street. It can really wear you out.

then next year, (or next fall) keep it, and buy a KLR or something like that.After a year or 2 on something like a used KLR, then look at new stuff.
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