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Originally Posted by markjenn View Post
Just to put some specificity to this discussion of possible handling issues with the new GS, here is the quote from the Bike magazine article:
"The only unpleasant shock during the while 280-mile ride is a tankslapper so violent it snaps the lockstops off the frame. BMW chassis engineers seemed shocked to hear of it, claiming they never experienced anything of the sort in five long years and one million kilometers of testing. It does seem that I just happen to have stumbled on exactly the wrong combination of speed and road surface at the wrong time. Assuming it really is just a one-off - which, in all fairness, would appear to be the most likely explanation - then the new R1200GS is a remarkable machine."
You guys can argue about whether worrying about something like this with the amount of data we have is prudent or chicken-little.

- Mark
You know that journalist was paid off by KTM to say that, right?
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