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Originally Posted by Sourjon View Post
Agreed. Sometimes I dislike all the added comments in RR's but for a real time report it's got to be comforting to know somebody is keeping an eye out.

As far as the stars I'd never investigated to see how those ratings were done. Now I know and I have voted!


John D, this is where I am in your report, page 12. I haven't skipped ahead to see where you are now, but after running across this, I had to give you a shout out with a "Dios lo acompaņe!" and kudos on a very entertaining and educational report. I, too, just rated a thread for the first time. I am very much enjoying the details you put into this, and I hope you are well where you are. I expect things to get even more interesting once you get out of the states. I'm trying to catch up without skipping ahead, let's see how well I can avoid the temptation...
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