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Originally Posted by tehdutchie View Post
Why not make life easier, get some 450rr engines and sx-f frames. Standard 24 liter tank and you are sorted.
Sorry, but I see that as the worst of all worlds- lots of expense (450RR motors cost what a good used 690 does complete), none of the benefits (enduro/mx frame, poor weight distribution, etc).

The LC4 project, if successful, will be relatively low cost, won't require a spare motor, and will have at least an approximation of the benefits of KTMs rally experience- Trellis frame, good weight distribution, etc.

I just wonder if a motor engineered from the ground up for 654+, can be made to work worth a darn at 450ccs. There's so much that goes into engineering not only the engine, but airbox volume, exhaust, ports, cams, etc... I have no idea what to expect from the finished product on the dyno.
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