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Bike choice

Originally Posted by Herbivore63 View Post
Hi Mark...I've read a number of your reports (and enjoyed them!) and am curious about your bike selection and trailering for this trip. I know you have the new TR650 and have spoken highly of it. Did you consider it at all for this trip and would it have been suitable? Also, did you consider riding down instead of trailering? My riding buddy considers a trailer to be cheating ("it's just like mountain biking") so I'm wondering how you approach that decision. Thanks for sharing the great rides with us!

Hey Herbivore,

Glad to give you my perspective for bike choice.

Trailering---------------it's winter in Southern Illinois----ice---extreme cold------snow-----no riding on any kind of bike to Baja. I would like to see your buddy ride a fully loaded bike of any kind on ice and snow. So---I'm not interested in your buddies idea of "cheating". It would be ignorant to ride on the ice. I'm smarter than that.

TR650----------the terra is a fine bike---it shines on easy offroad----and the road. I've been to Baja before---all over Baja in fact------we would be riding offroad much of the time--most of the time actually----------and most of the time it would not be easy offroad. Also ---where I ride in Baja ----------a 300 mile range is mandatory---the Husky only can go about 200 at most.

The WR was awesome on everything we rode----never a lack of horsepower at any time.

With me on it----------my 950 is horrible in deep sand---the WR just rails in it. In fact the 950 will be gone tomorrow.

My KTM 450EXC would of been nice to ride-------if it stayed together for the 3,000 miles without some kind of problem-------there is no such thing as repair parts in Baja---------it would be a miracle to find a tire if you needed it.

I wanted a bike that would be excellent on all the terrain and make it there and back.

The WR250R was hands down my choice for this trip.
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