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Originally Posted by Beer_me View Post
I'm planning on picking up this 2011 TE250 on Sunday. Come the summer of 2014, I hope to ride it coast to coast with some buddies via the BRT and TAT. I've done a lot of research and I think I'll enjoy having such a light weight bike and traveling light way more than I would bringing a ton of crap on a big pig (I once had an '85 XR600). Anyone done some big miles on their TE250?
IMHO the te250 is not a long distance machine, I love mine at speeds below 50mph. Anything above that I find quite uncomfortable for long periods. The front wheel wanders at 70 pretty bad for me and the motor is really strung out. And the vibes suck, my hands go numb. I have dirt oriented gearing and tires, which accounts for half of that.

What are you planning to use for storage? you are going to be limited to soft luggage, which isn't too big a deal.
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