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Colorado, don't get upset. It's a discussion board, and sometimes things get a little off track. This is a good board with a lot of good information and folks.

Don't try to use the search tool on this site. It just doesn't work. Here's an example of how you can search the site, and this particular search will show you how to search for threads focused on how to post pictures:

If you want a search that focuses on "Orange Crush" threads, just use this search in Google: " "orange crush" {add whatever search terms you want}". Simple! You can find relevant threads really quickly that way.

On the posting pictures issue. The best way to post a picture is to upload your image somewhere, such as Flickr (which I use) or SmugMug (which I would like to use). Once you have your image uploaded, you just need to view a version of the uploaded image that will fit well on most people's computer monitors. For the most part, I use 800 pixels wide. that seems to work well on this site. So, in Flickr, I upload my image and then navigate to the version of the image that is 800 pixels wide. Then, if you put your cursor over that image and right click, you should be able to copy the internet address of that image. Once you have that copied, you go to advrider, start your comment, and then click the picture button:

A window will open up, and you just delete any text there and paste in the address that you've already copied. Click OK, and then you should be good to go. You can click the "Preview" button rather than the "Submit" button when you are done to make sure that you are linking to your image properly.

PM me if you are still having trouble.
This is good info. I would only add that the owner of this free site that we all enjoy, Baldy, also happens to be the owner of Smugmug. So, if you are making a choice about photo hosting, choosing Smugmug would be kicking a few bucks toward a guy who shares our passion and offers a place to express it.
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