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where are the pedals?
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Next day, shorts and t-shirt ride to the 'ClamShack'.
They are only open during the day, as they don't have electricity on their beach!

A few years back, when Rollergirl was just getting into riding, I dragged her down to the west coast of baja for a few days. She was on her trusty XT350, decked out in my finest lender-gear and a road helmet. We stopped at a store at the end of a long day and parked our bikes at the side of the road. I got off my bike, walked past Rollergirl, gave her a kiss through her helmet, and walked into the store. The two Mexican ladies in the store were giggling and having a good time at what appeared to be my expense. I asked them what they were laughing at, and they answered "We think you kiss a man."

I assured them that it was my 'esposa', not my 'esposo'.

After returning home, the next day I came home after work with a big bag of new stuff for Rollergirl. Pink pants, pink shirt, pink helmet and pink goggles. She hated it and made me return it all to the store. I did manage to convince her to keep the pink goggles, so that everybody would be able to tell that I was not trying to kiss a man.

The warm-up rides, and gradual increase in difficulty, combined with long long hours on the bike were definitely paying off for Rollergirl. I upped the ante a little and she smiled most of the next ride.

Turn around point.

where does that road go?
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