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More MX, with Police

After stopping my gear and grabbing a shower I needed a beer. I had spent about 6 hours and ridden almost 200 miles of twistys to go about 35 miles east in MX.
My room in the 1 hotel
I wandered around the town and found what seemed to be a bar. There were people drinking there and they sold me beer from a cooler and we played music on jukebox. Later I realized everyone there was part of one family and they lived in the back. It might have been their living room except other people dropped by to buy beer. The jukebox was limited but they sre enjoyed it when I played The Beetles.
Here we are.

I left the bar when I realized they were trying to set me up the the gap toothed grandmother of the family. Eeeyuck.
I wandered around town which was rather pretty. Suddenly a guy in a polo shirt with a bunch of cops started asking me questions. His shirt advertised a grocery store so I wasn't really impressed. He wanted to see my ID. I asked for his. It was on green paper and unlaminated. Eventually I convinced them not to take me to the police station but instead to my hotel were I could produce my green unlaminated ID (copy of my drivers license. That made them happy and off they went. It was fun driving around town standing up in the back of the police pickup truck.
I guess they don't get a lot of Gringos in Jalapa de Diaz. But it was a nice little town with friendly people.
I got up early the next morning and hit the road. About 10 miles east I pulled in to grab a bite and some gas and realized one of my panier lids was gone. It had been there when I left so back over the last 10 miles twice looking for it but no luck. I figure someone found it in the road and is now cooking on it. That killed an hour.
So then just a long boring blast across the isthmus of Mx to Palengue. I broke a cardinal rule and drove at night but arrived only about 30 minutes after dark. The highlights of the day were losing my left mirror (I retrieved it) and launching the KLR off a dirt embankment in a construction zone a head of a Semi then banking hard left to avoid and oncoming truck.
It was good to get to Palenque. My first Mayan ruins and the only ones where they offered me magic mushrooms. I declined because I'd ridden the bike out there. I wish now I'd taken them up on it.

They have a very good museum there which I highly recommend. They had found an undisturbed tomb in Palenque which they have reconstructed in the museum. This is where they found the famous Jade Mask.

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