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Originally Posted by Mendodave
the speedo is about 5-7 mph off my GPS. (slow, but pretty normal for a speedo) Find one off a '85-87 R80/R100, ratio is 1.244. This works perfectly with the G/S rear end, at 37/11, but I think you've got the 32/11 on the ST, which would need the 1.078 speedo. your wifes existing ones got trashed? the speedo should have the ratio printed on it if that survived.

I got mine off of ebay, and it took a long time to find.
thanks for the tip on the Deflector screens
yeah, the face of the speedo was all that survived. The tach did too, but the case and the speedo was crushed. Pics are here;
What I was wondering about was the wiring and the tach. On most older airheads the tach is cable driven and on the ST the tach is electrical.
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