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Originally Posted by T-Mac View Post
Can you post pics of filters used for 10k miles or more with the purge unit?
How often do you flush out the tanks from dirt?
What mileage have you done with the purge unit installed?
I can't find the pix of the filters.... I'll have to take pix again next time I pull the pump out.

There is one more picture that I am trying to hunt down to post here. It is the picture of the removal of the built in valve that needs to be removed out of the fuel pump.

I don't flush the tanks. There is no visible dirt. Of course it's there in the fuel but the point of the purge unit it to blow it back in the fuel so that it is not accumulate onto the filter's surface. A little "dirt" on a filter doesn't hurt. It's the accumulation of it that does and cripples the flow. Over time, it will surely show in the tank and I will flush them like I did when my fuel filters got clogged before I had the purge unit.

I have over 15,000 miles with the purge unit. I pulled the fuel pump 5k miles ago (again) and they looks like they were when I installed them (other than the slight fuel tint that they got)

hope that helps
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