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Originally Posted by Flashdog View Post
Thanks, that crap you posted is talentless garbage too. Sorry but I can't see any positive influences in the whole so-called culture. America needs to treat the hip hop/thug culture and ideals like we have the KKK and nazis and recognise them for what they are. There was a time when smoking and segragation was the accepted norm. It was wrong and now we've changed that perception. We need to do the same with the culture that has brought us Eminem and 50cent.
With all due respect to you I have to say that disliking something does not make it talentless garbage. I am sure that many would view the music you prefer as garbage and they would more than likely be equally wrong (unless it's country or opera of course. ) .

I actually agree with the anti thug sentiment. The glorification of violence, womanizing ,etc is disturbing to say the least but it is hard to distinguish between the cause and the symptom. It's very much a chicken or the egg scenario. There is no comparison between hate groups and hip-hop by any stretch of the imagination. While there are those that use the art form to send negative messages , there are many that try to use their music to put forth messages that they hope will spark positive thought or discussion by those that are willing to listen. I am under the impression that you did not listen to the song I posted or you would have, at the very least, understood that there was nothing promoting a thug mentality contained in it. The majority of the song is sociopolitical commentary and insightful commentary at that. Put aside your preconceived notions and your dislike for the "type' of music being played and try listening to the message in the lyrics. You may even find that this particular artist is doing his best to try and change the culture from within. The method that you propose ( that of isolation and denigration ) is not going to do anything other than fuel the fire already lit by the hate filled idiots within the scene. Add to that the fact that there is bitter irony in wanting to use KKK style tactics against those that you would compare to the Klan and it's a losing proposition.

This song by Lupe actually attacks the negativity within the scene and does so quite unabashedly. I see this as being a very positive message. I particularly enjoy the comparison of the modern thug image to that of the old timey black face...It seems a great trick to force people to shackle themselves with a stereotype. the gangster mentality is the new slavery only this time people are being duped into doing it to themselves rather than wade in water as it were.

On a side note much of what is fueling the antigunners is mass shootings. Those shooters tend to be white suburbanites so it seems a bit off base to place so much blame on the hip-hop scene. We have a culture of violence in the USA and it is made more potent by the fact that we have a terrible system for dealing with the mentally ill and criminals. It's like a big ass catch and release for lunatics.

Enough of the threadjacking. Take car man.

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