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I have no knowledge of what the previous owners did, but I've never cleaned the carbs before.
Well, I do know that someone at one point changed the main jet from a 125 to a 140, and that I now get 27mpg instead of the 50+ that everyone else seems to get.
This is from the 2-carb, single diaphragm, single cylinder 1986 Yamaha XT350.
I figured it was probably just age, but wasn't sure.
I've seen people blame ethanol in gas for so many things on this site that I don't know what parts to take seriously anymore, but thought this might be a reasonable circumstance.

Originally Posted by troidus View Post
It looks to me like the slides were left in the last time the carbs were dunked in the Bucket of Doom. Carb cleaner+rubber bits=$$$.
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Now fess up! Have you ever squirted a shot of ether in there?
No, I've read too many stories to want to mess with that stuff.

if that diaphragm is from a CVK40 Kehin, go to the Harley shop.... really. it's half the price that the Kawi shop wants for the same part. I can't find the Hardly part number, but I'll look deeper.
Nope, it's from a Teikei dual carb thing (one carb for low and midrange, a separate one for high end). Parts/jets are really fun to locate for these.
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