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More and more MX

From Palenque it was a short ride up to Campeche. A typical Mexican town with a very nice old area that's been restored. Had a nice fort there they built to combat English pirates.

After a walk along the old city walls I wandered into a bar where they were watching the Super Bowl. I sat around drinking beers for a while enjoying hanging out with the locals watching American football. One of the teams won. I then wandered off and got involved in a big traditional wedding ceremony which was a lot of fun.
On the way I came across this bike which was the bodies of 2 scooters welded onto a frame with a steering column in the middle.

Down watching the bands after the wedding

From Campeche I headed out looking for some other ruins but missed my turn. I was able to convince the guys at the toll road to let me double back across the median to find the road I needed. Spent a while at Edzna ruins.

I have to admit that I didn't know much about the Mayan ruins in eastern MX and Central America other than Chichen Itza. What I didn't realize was the extent and number of the ruins. They were massive cities that were for the most part larger than their European contemporaries at that time. For instance Edzna was founded in 400 BC and more people lived there at it's height than in London or Paris in 1000 AD. The road networks were also comparable to what the Romans built. The building in the background is 40 meters in height.
From Edzna it was back across MX to the east. There are 2 main roads that run west to east across the Yucatan. The main freeway that runs from Merida to Cancun, aka the tourist route that runs by Chichen Itza, and the much less touristy Hwy 184 further south. I highly recommend it.

This was an interesting site from where I sat at one of the may roadside taco stands. Guys in flannel and bib overalls. I felt like I was back in Indiana.

I arrived in Paa-mul on the Carribean coast, about 30 miles south of Playa del Carmen to meet my old friend Hermes. His mother had a house and some property there. They were just off to pick him up from the airport in Cancun so after dumpig my gear I made a shopping list.

Then headed off tot he store to get it. Panniers work great for this.

Ice, Modello, and pineapple in that side. The rest on the other side.

Hermes enjoyed the frozen rum smoothies when he arrived. This is their Palapa where we stayed.

We took a trip down to Tulum to see the ruins. They were pretty covered in tourists and lizards.

We also rented some bicycles and headed out to a couple cenotes.
This is the Grand Cenote

Hermes mother and step-father had just built a nicer place on the beach.

It has a nice view

We toured around the eastern Yucatan. One of the cooler places we went was an abandoned resort. I'll get to pictures of that from my 2nd trip there.
On one fo the nights we were here Hermes and I bussed it up to Play del Carmen. As we were wandering around looking for something interesting to do and avoiding the hustlers trying to sell us drugs we heard some good music coming from the upper floors of a building. Following our ears we ended up walking into a club packed with blondes. Tall, white, european blondes. It was a Valentienes Day party of a local university that had a huge Norwegian contingent. One of the guys came up to me and thought I was with them. When he found out we were Americans he invited us to stay because there were 120 women and 20 guys at this school. I can honestly say I've never been grabbed by that many blonde women in one night in my entire life.
Hermes headed back to the states and I had 10 days to kill before my dad showed up in Cancun so I thought about heading over to Cuba. That didn't work out so I spent the entire time in Tulum. I really intended to get out and see a bit but I met a great gang and enjoyed some down time after 70 days on the road. I did make it 40 miles east to Coba on my first day there.
A few interesting things there. The hoop from the ball game they played. Like soccer but only palyed with the hips.

And in case there was any doubt about the results of the game, this was in the center of the court

Quite 'jungley' out there

This only makes sense to one person who will read this blog, but I came across it in the middle of the jungle.

It was a good view from the top of the 42m main pyramid. You really get a sense of how these man maid structures can just disappear into the jungle.

They had a 500 ft zip line from a 50 foot tower across the lake. That was a hoot.

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