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Lotsa Light

Buddy of mine has a lighting business, we found these LED auxiliary lights that seem to be duplicates of the original Twisted Throttle Denali lights. Fraction of the cost at $59 each, they list 750 lumens drawing .75 amps and include the stainless mount. Of course, they don't include a wiring harness or any type of switch, but I like a little DIY anyway...

I got one pair with a 60 degree beam for use as driving lights which I haven't mounted yet:

And another pair with 20 degree beams that I have wired with a relay to come on with the high beams. The mounts are temporary until I decide for sure this is where I want them. I like the location, they are protected from impact in case of a fall and don't seem to obstruct air flow to the oil cooler:

I have converted both my headlights to HID, so I like the "instant-on" of the LEDs when I turn on the high beam, and the two of them add possibly as much light up front as my 35-watt HID high beam alone.

I'll post some pics of the light output after I install my wide-angle driving lights.

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