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Timber Creek Breakdown

Not long after I got across the Western Australian ~ Northern Territory border a engine warning light came on my dash. Not the best scenario to present it's self in the middle of nowhere...

The bike shut down about 20 kilometres later. Shit. It was pretty much the middle of the day, middle of the wet season with the humidity off the scale and 40 degrees in the shade, if you could find it...

I checked the battery terminals as I had a sneaking suspicion due to the recent battery change and little power to the digital dash. Terminals all good. Mmm. Why? I told myself there in the middle of nowhere "these things are sent to test us" not that I had any want or need for a particular lesson at that time there...

The next car that came along in good ol' Aussie bush fashion pulled up, offered assistance and towed me 30 kilometres into an Aboriginal community near Timber Creek, N.T..

A top, helpful bloke and local mechanic Tim confirmed the battery was stuffed, it wouldn't take a charge even from the brand new state of the art charger we had to our disposal. (This battery was all of 12 days old!) Luckily Tim had a spare 12 volt car battery to sell. We promptly robbed an old car wreck of its battery terminals, connected it with a set of - & + leads from a battery charger that had died a week earlier, connected it all to the bikes battery and "tricked" the bike into thinking it had power to start and run. Bush Mechanics at its best. I was on my way again.

This was a lesson that taught me that like most new cars, bikes etc these days, once your battery dies, nothing else will work with out the computer telling it too. No longer can you jump start, roll start your bike/vehicle and it will run "as long as you don't turn it off!" Computers need power...

Another thing I discovered is that it is amazing how when your luck is down things can turn around for the better. Being positive pays.

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