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I know I know... believe me I know. I really need to get busy and work on this again. I have just really been lacking on the motivation as of late. Its winter time. Its dark when I go to work its dark when I come home. Cook dinner, sit on the couch to watch a little tv....WTF...its time for bed the hell did that happen.

As far as I know this is what needs to happen.
  1. Finish the wiring harness.
  2. Pull motor and install oil pickup and reinstall motor (motor is freeking heavy)
  3. Buy install oil lines, would love braided stst lines.
  4. fill with oil and prime oil pump ie make sure it works.
  5. with oil in motor test ignition ie wireing harness
  6. put some gas in tank and test to see if petcocks leak
  7. if all above is it up
  8. Send throttle cables back to Barnett to be reworked (tad too long)
  9. then its tear down to sandblast and p-coat frame and assorted metal bits
  10. Cut spokes to get hubs out of old wheels
  11. Strip and p-coat hubs.
  12. re-lace with new spokes to akront wheels and spoon on tires (need some rim protectors for that)
  13. finish polishing and painting rear fender.
  14. chrome rear fender supports
  15. Re-assemble and ride!
- I need to order the seal washers for the drain plug on the front forks (from overseas only place I have found them cant remember who it was now though).
- I need to get some motion pro rim protectors for spooning on the tires so I dont screw up the polished aluminum wheels Also saw some non maring tire irons the other day I might pick up.
- Im pretty sure Ill need new forks springs as mine are really pitted and probably sacked pretty bad. Ill also need to cut them down a little as I lowered my forks and currently have a lot of preload on the springs.

order up this stuff and clear my polished aluminum bits with this stuff a friend turned me onto.

piece of cake huh?
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