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Originally Posted by AntiHero View Post
Thanks for all the encouraging comments. One of the most unexpected and rewarding parts of this trip has been all the feedback, which has motivated some very real changes in my life, too. :)

I'll be adding a few footnotes soon, but here's a condensation of all my geotagged photos. The map reminds me of a board game where sometimes I rolled 12 and covered great distances and sometimes I rolled snake eyes. (Hint: the higher the condensation of pins mark areas of the country that might be more visually interesting.)

While on the topic of interesting states--If I may quote Demetri Martin: "I learned something while on the road. State Shapes: The easier a state is to draw, the more boring it is to live in. Culture is attracted to squiggles!"

Is it just me and my left brain focus but does anyone else find it amusing that the tracks of your trip with " An Italian Supermodel" take final form in the shape of a big beautiful Italian red smiling lips...............jusayin
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