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Originally Posted by stickman1432 View Post
Nice watching your videos, did the 3 of you always ride that tight and slow? Did your air cleaners survive and how about all the dust you sucked in to your bodies?
I do get fairly close when trying to get video of the group, but the camera apeture and running the video through motion stabilization has a tendency to make it appear as if I'm right on top of the person. In the last video it looks like I might have gotten hit with the dust, but it was actually a couple of feet away. That said I did ride through a far amount of dust throughout the trip. This is where a filter skin comes in handy. We ran these on all three bikes, but mine was the only one that really got dirty. I actually pulled the skin off right before the chain failed. These things are great if you're on a long ride or going to be in very dusty conditions. Your air filter can be really dirty, then pull off the filter skin and it's almost completey clean again.

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