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Originally Posted by skysailor View Post
Lee, I bought my old Joe Rocket jacket in 2001. It's dated, but no reason to update. The thing has done everything I've asked of it. They're well put together.
Greg, I'll be blowing into PHX next Saturday night. I may switch the Street Glide rental to a 1200RT. We'll see. Hope to break bread with you guys.
Hey Lyle...

I Know the joe Rocket jacket will last a long time - my current one is 3 years old, and other than fading, there are no problems with it is just I have shed significant bulk, and the old jacket falls off me now...I have no choice but to buy a new one - one which is, unlike my previous one, cut for a female body!!! The thing is, I still have 70 lbs to reach my final goal - and at that point, I may need to buy yet another new jacket - it all depends on how much my shape changes over the next 10 - 12 months...I guess I could have waited until March to buy my new jacket, but I am guessing I will only lose 10-15 lbs between now and then, and jacket I
bought will see me through this season for sure...
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