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My problem is not the weather, or wanting to get out is just slowing down with age and injuries...
Turning the TV off and cranking up some music always helps me. I get stuff done on the days my wife works much more than when she is home. She likes to just sit on the couch and watch her DVR'd shows and want company next to her...makes it hard. It has turned me into a couch potato having 2 major surgeries in the last 2 years. 6 Months mandatory on the couch after each starts to become a lifestyle after a while even once you are cleared to get up and going.

Keep up the good work, get out there whan you can.
Some of the other guys here on SAR page have given good advice, make a dry erase or chalk board with the next number of task listed, seeing crossed out tasks as yous progress encourages you that you are making progress and motivates....I love it.
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