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Finally read all 1650 pages.

Originally Posted by xymotic View Post
Hypothetically speaking, can a EFI 610 engine get damaged with running a straight pipe?

I can say, not hypothetically, them things are really loud

And has anyone done anything creative to repair/re-enforce the subframe when the muffler support studs rip out? Again, ya know "hypothetically speaking"
Hello xymo, (It took me 2 months to get to read the forum. Ha. )

I don't think so.

My impression is: with the O2 sensor installed, the ECU takes in all it's parameters and adjusts the injectors to meet a
pre programmed Air/Fuel Ratio........14.2---14.7? (Cafe Husky reference?).
That's why I think adding "flow" through a LV pipe.....OR straight pipe will not "lean" out the AFR as much as many contend.
It will on a carbed engine where the jets dictate fuel flow...........but I think the FI bikes with O2 installed do a lot more
"compensating" than we realize. This is actually a question I have for our more educated ECU programmers........
Am I semi correct?
I haven't gone through all the latest CafeHusky posts or the 630/650 threads so maybe more ECU info has been addressed.........

Doing the PU kit apparently sets the AFR at a flatline rich state and simply overpowers any opening of air flow setups
from producing too lean a mixture.........I think.

Introduction: I picked up a stock 08 in December with 1300 miles that was originally sold out of Ferracci in Doylestown, PA.
I think this thing flatness off idle, no stuttering or surging......just spins up my poor old 50% Karoo right off of idle.........2nd gear is a blast.
The second owner seller told me he did have Ferracci look at it for some surging after he first got it in 2010 with 700 miles and the only thing they did was install an Iridium plug. I only got 2 good hrs on it at Brown Mtn ORV park near Morganton, NC before we came south for the winter so she's sleeping in the garage while I learn all that I can from you wonderful folks.

I did have a quick chat with Eraldo Ferracci himself, even though I didn't recognize it at the time, a couple weeks ago and he stated the dealership "tunes" out any factory leaness on all their bikes before selling. He had to leave to fetch a bike ,so our conversation was brief, but he was going to forward any records they might have on what "tuning" they had done on my bike during it's servicing..........but I haven't received any of that yet. one poster stated several pages back, some dealers do tune the FI bikes before selling. I don't know what
software Ferracci uses but for being supposedly stock, with O2 sensor and OEM pipe, my bike sure seems strong.......
so I'm happy.
Actually, for as loud as the OEM pipe is, I think it must be allowing a pretty good flow through the Cat.......just my quick observation.
I only hit the 5500 rev light a few times on my initial ride so I really didn't get a chance to do any higher RPM road work or get a feel for high RPM restrictions..........that low and mid torque it's presently got is good enough for me.

Thanks for all the info friends...........glad to be here. Oh, and ......I love this bike.
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