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Originally Posted by DustyRags View Post
Cool, I might have to:)

I'm in Oakland, so Santa Rosa is a good hour away- not easy, what with full-time work and all that. But I might look into something local. I used to run oxy/acetylene back in high school, so I was thinking I'd just pick up a cheapo MIG and start melting metal until I get a feel for it. Then see what sort of edumacation I need to safely start chopping bikes together.
Once upon a time, I had Miller 220 Mig, a real workhorse and it made beautiful welds. The little 110 Snap-On (seen in some background pics) is the only wire-feed currently at the shop (but a 220 Mig is on our wish list), is much more difficult to work with, it's lack of power makes everything you do so much more critical; size of metal, cleanliness, v-ing weld joints, etc etc, not that these aren't important with any welder, but having ample power makes a huge difference. If you can manage a 220, I would definitely go that route.
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