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I actually came up with a little fun idea to stir up controversy for the magazine I volunteer for... Over a year ago I decided I wanted to build my first café racer, and as a BMW lover, it had to be a BMW. I also offered to write a column of my build for the magazine I work for. Now someone posted earlier on this thread that one should not butcher an RT. If you want a naked bike, buy an S model. Well guess what? People with naked or S model airheads don't want to sell them. And when they do, they ask for a lot more money, because the naked airheads are far more in demand. The RT is an 80's styled dinosaur. There are tons of them around, and they sell for thousands less than the same year S model, at least here in New York. So I had to settle for an RT, because my budget was to get a 1000cc airhead for under $3000. I found one for $2800, and afterwards I realized starting with an RT also makes for a more exciting article when you show off your before and after photos. It was then that I came up with a way to bring out the old purists and maybe start a fun debate like what we see on this thread here. So I created this cover:

As a photographer and a photo retoucher by trade, I made the cover shot look way more beautiful than the bike actually was in real life. This bike has well over 100k miles on it.
On a side note, I rode it around for a week before taking it apart, and I can say for sure that I see why people take these fairings off. The bike was just no fun to ride. Now, I have no after photos to post you guys yet as the bike is still in progress. One thing I know is that I will love riding this bike, all because of the fact that I butchered it up!
I am a little disappointed that I got very little hate mail so far. The old BMW purists seem to be either dying off, or the wind has left their sails and they are more open these days to modifying BMWs.
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