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Originally Posted by neduro View Post
Here's one... the rest will have to wait for the ride report.

What amazes me most is how big a difference the trellis frame/ etc make at high speed. Soft sand is dispatched with ease I have never found on an enduro based, bike, my theory is that when you ahve the front wheel half buried, and are at full throttle to keep going, the XCW ties itself in a knot. This thing doesn't- dead straight and true. Same with rock hits at high speed- it eats them, you feel the suspension move but none of the whippiness of an enduro bike.

Had a blast riding it, now have to figure out what's next for it.
I've wondered about this too, watching Dakar footage of the RR bikes at speed in soft stuff. I have a 690 and it pretty much rides soft sand like my 300 XC (you want to be on the power to lighten the front). The Dakar racers seem to weight the front end when they stand; the back moves around, but the front seems planted. I think it may be more than just the trellis frame, but a combination of other parameters. Don't the RR's have long swing arms, longer wheel base, different rake and trail than a typical dirt bike chassis?
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