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Comparing numbers

I understand specs alone cant tell you everything you need to know about a bike. But when your dealing with a bike you cannot ride yet you have to start somewhere. So when I compare the 500X to what is IMO the standard of low cost, Adventure style 75/25 Road/Light Off Road bike the Wee Strom 650 I come up with two bikes that are very similar. The biggest differences being cost and proven track record. I will be purchasing a mid weight ADV style bike this spring. I would love to buy the Tiger 800 Road version but thats not in the budget so I am considering both the Wee and the 500X (dont think I would be happy w/ the power band / rev limit of the 700) In researching these two contenders I have some of the important specs so I thought I would share all in one place for others who may be curious.

Wee Strom 650 500X
Price $8,300 TBA approx. $6,000
Weight 472# 430#
Tire Size 19 / 17 17 / 17
Fuel Cap. 5.3 US Gal 4.5 US Gal
Approx. HWY MPG 48 54
Trans. 6 SPEED 6 SPEED
Front Shocks 43mm 5.9" travel 41mm 5.5" travel
Rear Shock 6.3" travel 4.7" travel
ABS available available
Ground Clearance 6.9" 6.5"
Seat Height 32.9" 31.9
Rear Wheel HP 65 54 US Version
Power to weight ratio 7.26#/1hp 7.96#/1hp
w/ 180# Rider 10#/1hp 11.2#/1hp

Could not find a Torque Curve for the 500X so did not compare.

I think both bikes will serve thier intended purpose well. The Wee has an outstanding track record. The Honda will save me some $$$ and historically has a pretty good record as well. Obviously I will ride both bikes and let that be the determining factor for purchase. I just wanted to attempt to add some usefull info to the thread and perhaps get some additional opinion on the similarities of these two machines.
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