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I think both bikes will serve thier intended purpose well. The Wee has an outstanding track record. The Honda will save me some $$$ and historically has a pretty good record as well. Obviously I will ride both bikes and let that be the determining factor for purchase. I just wanted to attempt to add some usefull info to the thread and perhaps get some additional opinion on the similarities of these two machines.
You did a good job with these specs. Do keep in mind that the $8300 Wee price includes ABS, and I doubt the 500x will ship for $6K with ABS. US pricing hasn't been decided upon, but based on trends in the Canadian pricing and some favorable reaction to the bike, I'm betting Honda will hike the non-ABS to $6300-$6500 and the ABS will be another another $500 over this. So I'd expect the actual list price difference to be around $1500 for equivalent ABS models and the Wee will probably be available with a little more aggressive discounts that will reduce this to near $1K, at least for the first year. Not chump change, but not a deal-breaker either. If you don't want the ABS, the Honda is clearly the bike to get.

The big differences I see are price, power, weight, and the 19" front end on the Wee that will take the standard big-adventure bike touring rubber that has been shipping for a decade. I think the Wee will be the faster and more versatile bike, especially if you go off-road, but the significantly lower price and lighter weight of the Honda are big attractions for me. We'll see.

- Mark
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