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Originally Posted by NordieBoy View Post
You're using the iPad again.
The word replacer is working overtime...

Boyz with new toyz eh ..... How is life in Nelson Nordie, you guys gettin your fair clip of scooting in?

Originally Posted by H96669 View Post
Looks like you guys are doing good.

Where next? Zihuatanejo??? If so you can find/stock up on good coffee there for later. Used to be a couple good "Expendio de Cafe" where you could buy the good stuff, as opposed to the usual swill in the red cans.Follow your nose downtown....May just also take you to the good Tequila, the stuff out of a barrel and bring your own container.

A few good almost deserted beaches north of there and some good camping spots, been a few years but sure a good place to eat fresh lobster and find/see creatures. Mars or......TV???? Didn't you recognize that big smile......

Can't really find a big thumper to head south but just got home. May get lucky in the next couple weeks. Don't think I'd ever catch up but you never know. I'd bring you some Canadian stickers for them nice bags....!

See any roadside stands for "Pata de Mula"???? Got to stop for those or "Coctel de Pulpo" on the beach. And some food pics??? I am hungry for real Mexican food, need ideas for DIY I always seem to find or remember some when I come here.

Should get my butt off here and get them Frijoles soaking then maybe up there and pick up some very nicely powdercoated BMW parts.

Ride on!
Heya Pierre the pace we go you could catch us on a step thru, 900 or our 950 is wasted .... we should bought a CG125 and put knobbies on it

We will be staying inland now looking at all sorts, Mexico City next on the list then who knows from there.

You still have snow in ya yard??
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