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Originally Posted by FakeName View Post

There's an idea.

Could be as simple as a momentary pushbutton.

If I may give my 2 cents.
I still carry an extra set of filters with me on very long trips. You never know, better be safe than sorry.
Since these filters are cost prohibitive, I installed the purge unit from CJ to see if that would pay off over time. It did without a doubt in my case.
Of course, there are thousands of 990s out there and thousands that haven't had an issue. Yet, my first fuel starvation happened at 4000 times on California gas..... so technically "good gas".

Making a unit was my first idea as it is electronically pretty simple. Yet I wanted a fully automated system without additional buttons. All in all, I thought that the price of the unit was relatively cheap considering the parts to purchase and the time I would have to invest in it. But it surely is a fun project.
Don't forget that extra one way valve as not all purge unit system are not created equal. The stock one way valve is ridiculously small.

In the end, the best solution would be an external fuel pump. Just like the 950s.
It's being worked on!
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