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Originally Posted by Tall Man View Post
Good Lord. What sort of cretins are you dealing with that would offer violence when (correctly) denied permission to ride your motorcycle?
Haha. Jim's suggestion was a bit more than denial of permission.

I had a situation today that cracked me up. There were two Mormon guys that were biking down the neighborhood. My mailbox is at the end of the street, and I gave a friendly wave to them when I got my mail. When I got to my house, I quickly started getting my gear on to go ride. I had forgotten about them whilst putting my boots on by the door, and with all my gear except for one boot on, a knock came to the door. I answered and remembered. I treat these guys respectfully. Only one of them was doing the talking, and he was clearly very nervous. After about 30 seconds, he posed a question to me, and I indicated that I wasn't interested. Then, as I'm about to close the door, the guy in the back (who hadn't said a word yet), yells "what kind of bike do you ride?" I told him and closed the door. I couldn't contain my laughter once it was shut. Nothing wrong with asking, but he clearly wasn't too focused on his mission at hand
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