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Originally Posted by jumpingjerry View Post
About to buy a bike any day now. I've narrowed it down to 3 bikes. New 2013 G 650 GS, New 2012 Suzuki DR 650SE, or a Kawasaki KLR (found a few new and used).
The order so far is the Suzuki first, BMW close second, then the KLR.
I can probably get the KLR the cheapest on a used one. Hard to find a used Suzuki around her. The BMW the most money. It will be a bike just for fun. Would like to go more into the dirt, but just not sure how much I will used it in the dirt. Last bike was a 2007 Yamaha FZ6. Loved it, but I just don't need to go that fast any more. Also had a Yamaha TTR230 dirt bike in the past. Thanks for any inputs. I've been really busy and have been trying to sneak in some forum readings to try and figure out what I want. Every time I look I get more undecided.
Where are you at? What kind of dirt riding? What kind of highway riding? Your height/weight/inseam/fitness? Passenger? Luggage? Do your own wrenching? Any long trips?

I'm a big fan of the DR. The DR is the dirt-worthiest bike you mentioned. It can be made even more dirt-worthy. It can also be made more slab-worthy. My DR is better than stock at both. I load and ride it like a touring bike. I strip off the luggage and ride it like a dirtbike. It takes crashes well. It's simple. I can touch the ground on it. It doesn't overheat or burn a bunch of oil. High revs while bombing slab don't seem to bother it. Valves can be adjusted without needing a shim collection. It runs fine on barrel gas. I can pick it up by myself all day long. Mine wheelies easily, and I've just tuned the intake/carbing a bit. Mods for 50+WHP are on the market. The stock suspension is squishy if you're over 160lb. Almost all stock suspensions are squishy if you're over 185lb. It can also use valving help. I don't seem to need a windscreen on mine. A bigger plastic tank can work great on these bikes.
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