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Thanks for all the replies. I've looked at the Husqvarna, very nice bike. Was set on that for a bit too. Local dealer ( 1 hour away) will not come of sticker price at all on it. BMW offers $500 rebate for military and police. Like the look of the BMW better. Still not sure. I want to do dirt riding, but I'm used to street. Would like to do all my own wrenching.

Still leaning 60/40 towards the Suzuki over the beamer. My closest Suzuki dealer first offered $6377 out the door on a new 2012 DR. Got them down to $6000 out the door. Still think they can go lower. They are 1 hour away. Another dealer offered about $5700 out the door, but they are over 3 hours away. I don't mind road trips, but my wife is 8 months pregnant, so no long trips for a bit. Found a used 2012 (1500 miles on it) for about $5200 out the door that is only two hours away. I think I can get them down more.

Going to call the BMW place and see what kind of number I can get them down to.

The local motorcycle dealer (10 min away) has a new 2011 KLR, but want $6300 out the door on it. They don't seem to want to budge on the price and have a bad rep.
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