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I could be full of shit

But here's my take. Japanese bike companies have been like the big U.S. car companies in the 90s. They made their money selling big, expensive SUVs and were fat, rich, happy and content to dominate that market. Then the SUV market crashed.

Japanese bike companies were making money and playing it safe while smaller companies tapped into the adventure market to fill a relatively small niche.

Now the Japanese companies are seeing growth in the adventure bikes while other segments they dominated are flat or in decline. They can either try to rekindle those markets or shift their RD to something that's growing.

I'm not in the biz, so I have no idea what will happen. But it wouldn't surprise me if they started turning out more ADV bikes or bikes trying to look like them.

If this board is any indication, dirt bikers don't stay dirt bikers for ever, and the tank-humpin' sport bike riders don't grow old in that position. They're either going to stop riding or move into other markets like ADV bikes.

That may be a big generalization, but there's some truth to it.
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