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Question KLR question

Hey guys,

I've got some questions about repair work I need to do on my '08 KLR650. I bought the bike last year with about 4000 miles on it, and have put another 6000 on myself. The previous owner said it was broken in properly and maintained, though he didn't believe in lubing the chain. It's been running fine for me with a few exceptions which I'll get to, and the one big problem.

The big problem is as follows. I drive the bike into work/school when I'm able, and given the price of gas, I drive pretty late into the year. One cold morning (about 18F I think) I was driving into work on the highway, doing 55. I noticed several puffs of haze form behind me, but since it was kind of foggy in places I thought it was just my exhaust condensing. I rode another 4 - 5 miles and then pulled off on an ATV trail to warm my hands up. I noticed some smoke coming from the engine, so I shut it down and took a closer look. The oil level had entirely disappeared from the sight glass, and the left side of the engine and my left leg were covered in oil. The smoke was coming from where some oil had got on the exhaust pipe. I only had a mile and a half to go to get to a gas station, so I drove slowly there and put some oil in. Since then I've driven another two or three miles, and see no sign of any leaking, but I don't have any idea where the oil came out of the engine. As I said before, the left side of the engine was coated, the right side had nothing. There are no visible holes in any seals, though I can't see the top end very well under the tank.

On to the smaller issues I've had. When on a weekend trip last summer, my oil filler cap came off on the highway. I felt my peg getting slippery, so I stopped very quickly. I had extra oil along that time, but I couldn't find the cap, so I rode the rest of the weekend with a piece of foam and then a sink stopper stuck in the hole. I changed the oil right away when I got back, but I think there are still a couple of bits of the foam loose in there. The other smaller issue I had was that once the weather started getting cold, my oil sight window and filler cap became coated in white moisture residue. I put the watt-man radiator mod on, and that seemed to be helping, but then I shut everything down after losing all that oil.

So my questions:
1. Any idea where the oil is coming from, and how it could spray so much oil and then not leak a drop?
2. I'll (obviously) be tearing the engine apart until I find what's the matter. Anything I should do while I've got it out of the bike and am working on it? I'd prefer not to put a bored cylinder on it; I just don't have the money for that now. But what is prudent to keep a 2008 running on long trips?

Thanks all!
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