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Originally Posted by phillipsrog View Post

I'm not in the biz, so I have no idea what will happen. But it wouldn't surprise me if they started turning out more ADV bikes or bikes trying to look like them.

If this board is any indication, dirt bikers don't stay dirt bikers for ever, and the tank-humpin' sport bike riders don't grow old in that position. They're either going to stop riding or move into other markets like ADV bikes.

That may be a big generalization, but there's some truth to it.
I don't disagree in general. You could also add to the mix that in the easy money, good times people would just buy 2 or three specialist bikes.

Then came the not so good times. Now more people are looking at 1 bike to suit, and maybe a bike to save some money on gas (petrol) rather than driving a large truck to work every day. People are generally more careful on average.

If you were a 1 bike owner in the naughties, your choice was pretty much, Cruiser, RRRace, Tourer, MX and apart from cruisers all of them seemed to be designed to win races not be day to day friendly.

Images of 2 bikes on the back of an SUV towing a cruiser comes to mind

I mean is that a sign that not many bikes were practical as day to day transport or what?
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