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For those interested in oxy-acetylene welding, here is an archived book from 1919:
and another from 1916:

The definitive oxy-acetylene welding book was published by Linde/Union Carbide titled "The oxy-acetylene handbook". I have a couple of used copies found on ebay and Amazon. Modern books on oxy-acetylene welding are not easy to find.

I have a fondness of reading how to do things and appreciate the benefits of reading about others mistakes. Mistakes still happen, just not the same ones. The definition of an expert is someone who has made all the mistakes possible and can immediately recognize when one has been started.

A couple of things I intend to try are the wet sock trick to stop heat and making a backing/support piece from sheet steel. The wet sock is stuffed in the fork tube (and maybe a wet rag around it as well) to keep it cool. The backing plate holds the tang in place and prevents dripping molten aluminum while welding. With enough skill, this should work.
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