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Originally Posted by ShawnT316 View Post
So do they have the same engine?

Same gearing?

Which is more comfortable on the road? Better seat?

Which would have better wind protection? (In the winter I wants LOTS, but summer's not so much, if any!)

I liked my XS Eleven, but I can get a Honda civic for the same mpg, and heat & ac!
I haven't owned either of the Suzuki's, but a friend of mine had the SV and loved it. I think they are basically the same engine, with different cam, tuning, and gearing. I suspect the V-Strom has better wind protection, which could be seasonably increased with an aftermarket screen extension. You could probably find a used aftermarket seat as well, since they are so abundant.

I have owned a Geo Metro. Mine was a '91 convertible 5 spd that got 41 mpg. It had a radiator not much bigger than a phone book, so I had to run the heater sometimes in the summer. Other than that, it was great car.
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