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Oh yeah, I forgot to mention something bro moved to a picturesque mountain neighborhood recently and one of his neighbors who he's become friends with has a 4-door RZR. Holy crap, there's few things that I've actually seen in person and ridden that are more bad-ass!!!

They use it to ride up and down approximately 5 miles of high grade mountain pass-like dirt roads from their house to the gate and parking lot at the entrance of the neighborhood which leads to a paved country road. They just leave whatever vehicle they're using for commuting down at the parking lot...this way they save the suspension on their full-size vehicles (really rough roads, constant erosion) and get to have fun at least twice every damn day even in the dead of winter. Oh what it must be like to live in paradise!

My bro even started "car pooling" down to the bottom of the hill with them...He told me nothing wakes him up like a cigarette during a RZR ride!
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