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Originally Posted by Casey. View Post
...There were two Mormon guys that were biking down the neighborhood. ... the guy in the back (who hadn't said a word yet), yells "what kind of bike do you ride?" I told him and closed the door. I couldn't contain my laughter once it was shut. Nothing wrong with asking, but he clearly wasn't too focused on his mission at hand
I'm not so sure.

On the face of it the mission is to go out and convert heathen. At that level, you're dead right.

But on a much deeper level I am sure that the mission is to take sheltered young boys from Utah and turn them into confident young men who are comfortable in their faith and culture as Mormons in the larger world beyond Utah, and who are better equipped for a lifetime of interacting with, and sometimes even converting the heathens.

And on that level, while he might not have been doing what he'd been told to go out and do, I suspect he was doing exactly what his elders wanted him to do.

My Mormon story dates back to 1980 when there was a knock at the door nearly 10,000 miles from Utah and one of my friends opened the door; the conversation went like this:

"Hi, we're from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and we'd like to talk to you about Gaaard."
"That's nice, we're not, no thank you, goodbye."

I'm sure that like me, the mormons were still processing what he had said after the door had closed.
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