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HID projector install

Not my prettiest job but....

Since I have moved job and am using the bike for a 100 mile round trip commute in the dark it was time to improve on the current set up.

Some of you may note that it is slightly larger and more upright than my original screen. It is pretty good for weather protection but the stock candle was really not up to the job. Just about workable on the dual carriageway when surrounded by other cars but as soon as I get on to the unlit local roads the, by now muddy, headlight is hopeless. Time to upgrade then.

I looked at LED auxiliary lighting but rejected this as more light is not enough. OK for off road but, for road riding, it is also important to shine it in the right places to avoid annoying other road users.

A couple of PM's back and forth and a late Christmas present arrived from Colebatch. An FXR projector with a 35W HID.

First job - Seal the unit. As they are designed for cars they are not weather proof. The gaps down each side are easily sealed with a bead of silicone. The gap at the top required a small plate while the bottom needed a box to enclose the solenoid for the hi/lo shutter. The metal is stainless sheet rescued from an old cooker hood - thanks Mark. It was easy to cut with snips. I'm using No More Nails weather-proof. You can also see the small hinges I attached with pop rivets to mount the unit. The bottom one to hold it and the top one for adjustment.

Next it was time to mount the unit. Mark came to the rescue again with some alloy sheet. Cut with a hacksaw blade in a jigsaw and bent in a vice. Attachments are the same as the standard headlamp so I can swap it back for dirt riding.

The screw above the lamp is for beam adjustment

A bit mad max, and that is before I connected it all up.

I need a bit of weather protection though....

There is plenty of space for the electrical gubbins though, although I still need to zip tie the cables to tidy then up. Wiring is a mixture of the ballast that came with the bulb from and wiring from an earlier attempt with an H4 hi/lo HID bulb - it uses a diode to keep the bulb fired up when the main beam is triggered. I could make it a lot tidier by removing some of the connectors, such as the H4 bulb connector and soldering instead but would not be able to swap back to standard quickly.

The screen was trimmed with the jigsaw and a fine toothed blade. Don't use the hacksaw blade as it does not remove enough plastic and it melts back together. Needs a bit more work, particularly around the indicators but a bit at a time as yuio can't stick it back on if you take too much.

I ordered a few of the M5 C-clips as used by BMW to hold the top of the stock headlight. I want to pick up a couple more as the screen is currently only held by 2 bolts.

....and somewhere to mount the heating controls

Not the prettiest job but the weather protection works and the lighting... Let's just say that I never want to ride a bike at night again unless it has similar lighting. It gives a better beam pattern and more light than most cars on the road.

Still needs a couple of finishing touches - I will probably spray the alloy matt black to blend it in a bit and add some LEDs for the side light since I have the main beam switched.

And the screen - not made by me obviously, an ebay purchase. Originally from a 950 adventure.

Before you say it; I know, my shed needs a tidy.
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